Smart Objects and Social Networks Chair

Innovative networks of humans and objects

About us

The Smart Objects and Social Networks Chair,
the new networks of humans and objects


Christine Balagué, titulaire de la Chaire

The Smart Objects and Social Networks Chair (SOSN), carried by Institut Mines-Télécom Business School (IMT-BS, the Business School of Institut Mines-Télécom) for four years (2015-2019), is composed of multidisciplinary researchers (marketing, computer science). In partnership with SEBGroup, Chair’s challenge is to understand the key factors of adoption and appropriation, the experience of users in IoT networks as well as build a framework for the development of innovative services. Led by Christine Balagué, , professor at Institut Mines-Télécom Business School, a member of CERNA and DATAIA, Vice-President of the Conseil National du Digital between 2013 and 2015, and author of numerous successful works on digital and networks, the RSOC Chair works on 4 Main lines of research to better understand the behavior of users of connected objects:

  • LINE 1: Consumer behaviour using connected/smart objects: What is the perception of an object connected by an individual ? What is the adoption process? appropriation? How to create value through innovative services around connected objects? How to measure the user experience and customer life time benefit?
  • LINE 2: IoT data processing by users: How do consumers predict the data of connected objects? What is their cognitive treatment? How to present the information to them?
  • LINE 3: Observatory of uses: Collection of usage data (questionnaire plus living lab, connected apartment). Models of use in a network of humans and objects (smart home, e-health, smart cities). Product classification according to user criteria.
  • LINE 4: Impact of cultural diversity: Impact of cultural diversity on ownership and user experience.



Digital developement is an important part of the company SEB. It allows us to purpose connected objects and a lot of services for our customers. The digitalized offer of our outputs needs new aptitudes and skills, and sharing the knowledge thanks to our management based on “open innovation”. That is why Seb decided to involve in the Smart Objects and Social Network Chair of Insitut Mines-Télécom Business School” , Harry Touret  (Human ressources director and second CEO of Seb) explains.


Medtronic is a company created in 1940 which the head office is in Dublin. It deals with the development and the product of a lot of medical devices as pacemakers, glucometers and other. “We discovered – to improve the transformation of the health system to a high value system – that the most efficient and simple way to do this is beginning with measuring the resultts,  Christina R.Akerma explains, who is the chairwoman of International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement. ” Medtronic follows this statement.


Influence and knowledge dissemination
Research from the chair are presented at seminars and conferences organized during the academic year, involving the best international researchers on connected objects. Furthermore, the knowledge produced by the Chair’s research activities feed teaching of the school.